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I like the fact that you guys are very professional. It takes practically nothing to discredit such a great service!

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I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted. I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted.

Thomas Tomlinson

Don't Take Our Word For It.

 Professional Academic Assistance


Why Employ a Professor?

Employ a Professor is a long-standing entity that offers academic services to students. Most students struggle to complete their assignments and projects in time as a result of a combination of factors. These include; lack of understanding of a scholarly concept, lack of adequate instructor guidance and monitoring etc. The results are either desperately lower grades, retakes, and repeats that consume both time and resources. So, why employ a professor? When you hire the academic services of our unemployed professors, you automatically enjoy the excellent guidance to deliver on your paper. At Employ a Professor, we are fully committed to offering top-notch, timely, and excellent services that exceed client expectations. Another reason why you should employ a professor is to gain the confidence of working one-on-one with a professional and an expert in academia. This way, it is possible to learn outside the classroom, receive professional guidance and monitoring as part of your routine learning. As a result, we believe that serving graduate and post-graduate students through professional academic and research services will broaden our scope as an authority in the field of academia.

Professional Academic Assistance Services

The technical and marking standards of higher education continue to tighten day by day. New curriculum developments alongside a series of structural changes on literature and published materials have tightened the belt of higher education. Similarly, a new research by academics and researchers, alongside emerging socio-political trends disrupts how tutors instruct students in their routine learning. These changes continue to make academics a serious endeavor particularly to students seeking to pass exams, obtain a good knowledge, and secure employment in the future. At Employ a Professor, our main focus is to offer professional academic assistance services. This is achieved by building linkages and work contracts with retired or unemployed professors. Most importantly, we work closely with a large pool of professional researchers and writers who assist us to maintain our diverse pool of professional academic assistance services. It is with no doubt that new academic developments as well as periodic structural changes, demand that students demonstrate new knowledge. With this realization, our large pool of writers and unemployed professors helps us deliver professional academic assistance services while remaining committed to ensuring that papers score the highest grades possible. Emphasis on professionalism has helped us to remain competitive and to maintain our connections with the most trusted clientele groups.

Professional Custom Essay Writing Services

Getting professional custom essay writing services has never been easy. It demands that agencies provide original, plagiarism-free, and grammatically reviewed projects and assignments. A good number of platforms provide plagiarized copies and papers that do not meet the technical and general guidelines of a standard academic paper. Employ a Professor has a focus of delivering professional custom essay writing services, while also maintaining client's privacy and security. Our custom paper meets four key benchmarks; privacy, accountability, respect, and preciseness. We believe that a client's privacy is as important as their assignments or papers. As a result, our unemployed professors are well-versed with enhancing the autonomy of the clients while also safeguarding their rights, values, and privileges. In accountability, we encourage all writers to remain accountable for the grades of our clients. With this value, we can deliver high-quality A-grade papers and at the same time help our clients answer or respond to all queries from their professors or tutors. Under respect, our professional custom essay writing services upheld respect for all parties including the client, the support staff, the unemployed professors, and researchers involved in the development of the paper. Finally, we serve to ensure that our assignments and projects are precise to their task. This means that our unemployed professors  and researchers offer meticulous work that only addresses the requirements of the paper without necessarily going overboard with complex works. Accuracy and preciseness have been a key driver to our success.

Professional Research Proposal Services

Research proposals are a major requirement for the completion of an undergraduate or a post-graduate degree. The process of completing a research proposal is a rigorous and strategic one that involves radical research, review of materials, published journals, and peer-reviewed articles. Most importantly, this process goes ahead to capture the systematic articulation of points and a clever demonstration of classroom concepts and theories. A-grade proposals further provide a clear practical demonstration of the concepts in the literature review with the research questions. As a company with years of serving clients, we have created unparalleled experience in the provision of professional research proposal services that meet and exceed client expectations. The first step in writing a research proposal is to make a great introduction. The introduction covers the intent of the paper, the focus, and purpose of the study. The second step is stating the problem and clearly articulating the reasons that underpin that particular problem. This process involves a radical examination of the materials and literature published about the topic, and identifying any clear links or gaps in findings. The third step that we use in offering professional research proposal services is to develop a background of the study which includes any background information or history about the topic.

The fourth step we use is to declare the purpose. Purpose declaration informs the reader about the exact intentions of the paper, the underlying motivations for pursuing the topic, and the exact contributions or perceived impacts of the study on the society or populations at large. After the purpose declaration, the other step is to state the significance of the study which involves articulation of the benefits and usefulness of the research findings. Most studies seek to solve real-life problems while providing a structured focus on issues that affect people. This implies that the significance of the study is to provide lasting solutions to common issues, while also opening the scholars’ mind to the realities on the ground. Employ a Professor is committed to the needs of students and as a result seek to offer lasting solutions to students facing problems completing their research proposals. The other step of the research proposal is to declare the methods and explain the methodology. Essentially, the methodology is the general model or approach deployed in conducting the research. Two major methodologies, qualitative and quantitative are utilized. The latter refers to the examination of data sets and other numerical data to determine a common series of outcomes and findings.

Qualitative refers to the examination of theoretical findings to draw meaningful conclusions about a topic or a subject. Employ a Professor selects research methods that address the topic of the paper, and which provide a clear demonstration and articulation of ideas and concepts that relate to the study. A literature review is another key area of a research proposal. This involves the examination of different resources such as peer-reviewed journals, articles, scholarly papers, and published literature. Our unemployed professors are versed with every -step of a literature review development and as a result, rely on their far-yielding experience in academic and research work to deliver flawless copies to clients. The ability to constantly keep in touch with our clients, to make periodic deliveries of different chapters, and to integrate client comments and remarks to complete the research paper has helped us remain sustainable in an ever-changing academic landscape. Employ a Professor values client confidentiality in the periodic delivery of chapters. This means that our unemployed professors  and editors are not informed of the clients’ full credentials or identifying information. Everything is protected with the latest standards in technology. The ability to build meaningful engagements with clients while maintaining the highest level of confidence and trust helps us to push the boundaries further. We hope that we will offer the best professional research proposal services to the most deserving clients, and maintain our level of trust and confidence with both existing and prospective clients. 

Professional Thesis Writing Services

A thesis is an argumentative piece that seeks to explore a problem or identify a solution to an issue. The first step is to make a thesis question by taking the essay topic and turning it into a solid and precise question. Employ a Professor offers professional thesis writing services by keeping in touch with the clients to ensure all information is provided and that the instructions are clear and well-understood. As part of dispensing our professional thesis writing services, we liaise with a team of unemployed professors and researchers proficient in different areas of academia such as sociology, business management, business administration, planning, sociology, nursing, medicine, law, history, political sciences, and many others. These unemployed professors are specifically experts in particular areas and having such specialties has enabled us to offer professional thesis writing services that conform to the provided instructions. Most importantly, our company has the latest technologies including software and application programs that detect poor grammar, identify plagiarism, and provide user safety and confidentiality. Similarly, we have access to thousands of published literature and peer-reviewed materials stored in repositories. This wealth of information helps us to provide projects with well-researched material and one that adds to the existing body of knowledge.

Professional Dissertation Writing Assistance

A dissertation is essentially an extension of the research proposal. In most cases, instructors often require students to complete the first three chapters of the proposal before they are approved and a requirement of the remaining two chapters laid. With this understanding, we believe that completing a dissertation demands the approval of the introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters. Employ a Professor has been offering academic writing services to diverse clients before a formal platform was established. As a result, we believe in our experience and are confident in offering the top-notch paper that meets and exceeds client expectations. Our professional dissertation writing assistance covers diverse areas in sociology, economics, politics, environment, and industry. We further believe that having such a diverse and broad focus will help us remain committed in our services. It is important to note that offering professional dissertation writing assistance is an uphill task that demands the integration of theory with practice. Students are often required to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of classroom concepts and their application in real-life undertakings. Our unemployed professors are versed with just that. They commit to offering services while remaining open to suggestions brought later by clients. This approach to academic writing assistance has helped us to find an intersection between what the client wants in terms of quality, and what our unemployed professors can offer within a given timeframe.

Reliable, Professional Custom Paper Writing Assistance

Reliable providers of professional and custom paper writing assistance rely exclusively on the clarity and comprehension of the laid instructions. This means that students are expected to provide a list of clear instructions alongside outside materials that may be integrated into the work. Employ A Professor was established with the sole focus of offering reliable professional custom paper writing assistance. And it has since grown to offer timely services that meet and exceed client requirements. It is important to note that offering reliable professional custom paper writing assistance demands the integration of concept with practice. As an agency, we believe that top-mark paper requires that students demonstrate a grasp of classroom concepts, and can make a comprehensive reading of published literature and materials. Our unemployed professors and researchers have a waging experience and as a result, can deliver meticulous work that exceeds the laid down expectations. The ability to feature competent writers and unemployed professors stems from our radical and rigorous recruitment exercises that guarantee experienced and competent writers. It is important to note the ability to offer reliable, professional custom paper writing assistance relies majorly on our expertise in this field. Most importantly, it depends on our commitment and dedication to continuously remain objective to clients' needs, and use the relevant resources to bridge these gaps. Finally, it is within our interest to create happy and returning clients, and to offer services that are consistent with the ever-changing needs of people, students, and populations at large.

Professional Research Paper Assistance

The internet is clogged by thousands of websites that promise professional research paper assistance. However, only a few of these platforms have a trained pool of writers and professional researchers to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. Offering professional research paper assistance is a continuous and strategic process that requires students to tie their secondary findings with those of the primary outcomes. The primary outcomes refer to the findings derived from either respondents’ questionnaire or one-on-one interviews with students. It is important to note that primary findings are time-consuming to collect since the researcher interacts with hundreds of respondents to achieve the desired objectives as outlined in the research questions. Secondary materials are easy to collect but involve the rigorous process of reading multiple pieces of research and peer-reviewed journals to build the necessary knowledge required to develop a paper. At Employ a Professor, we offer professional research paper assistance by following and adhering to the technical requirements and specifications. Our work involves mostly researching about the topic and using our knowledge to connect pieces of information. The ability to offer timely, professional research paper assistance continues to power our dream and our goal as an academic writing service provider.

Get a Custom Written Paper

A custom written academic paper has a set of requirements. First, it must conform to a specific standard citation style that is well-articulated by the tutor or instructor. The most common styles are; MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian. The second requirement is that it must acknowledge the contribution of all second and third parties through a formal citation style. This means the exact authors or institutions responsible for developing outside materials must be acknowledged in the paper, and their names clearly stated. When you employ a Professor to handle your custom written paper, you essentially receive a copy that complies with the above technical specifications. Our focus is to deliver a custom written paper that covers the diverse need and requirements of a standard academic writing paper. The functional and well-designed interfaces of the website offers value for money through the understanding the students demand the best available services for the paid sum. And that the website is the ideal point of contact and communication with clients.

The ability to offer a flexible pricing structure and to incorporate flexible rates to different consumer groups continues to power our interests and opens us to a world of opportunities. It is crucial to acknowledge that clients are our most valuable parties. Finally, Employ a Professor looks forward to being part of a growing community of academic providers. We commit ourselves to offer top-notch academic services, maintaining a closer link to diverse communities of students, and operating strictly within the boundaries of confidentiality, privacy, respect, and professionalism. Our focus to offer professional custom research paper services reflects our philosophy of "commitment to task" and affirms our spirit which is to assist students to accomplish their academic requirements. We believe that doing this successfully demands that we work closely with clients, and deliver communication networks and systems that will facilitate our routine engagements with students.