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Free plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker

A key requirement for post-graduate papers is the ability to remain original with at least a 0% plagiarism rate. Plagiarism is likely to occur in a variety of ways and reasons. One is by consciously getting credit for someone else's work. However, the most obvious reason for plagiarism is not deliberate effortsto get credit for someone’s work, but due to underdeveloped academic writing skills. At EmployAProfessor, the site offers a free plagiarism checker that is embedded in the system. The plagiarism checker at EmployAProfessor is in a position to offer timely and accurate scores for specific papers. This way, it is easy to spot areas to change throughout the paper and to deliver a 100% original paper for marking. There are various reasons why plagiarism is likely to occur. Intellectual insecurity which refers to using one's owns words is a major reason; which can be solved by finding your voice. The second is poor time management which means post-graduate students engage in multiple undertakings and have various commitments that deny opportunities to pursue outside-class assignments. At EmployAProfessor, we are well aware that poor time management affects the successful completion of tasks leading to plagiarism. As a result, our inbuilt and updated plagiarism checker software is programmed to offer actionable results.

Plagiarism Checker Free

EmployAProfessor has been steadfast to offer superior-quality papers and products to its clients. The site understands the value of quality work and therefore purchases the rights of relevant software and application programs. One of the most instrumental embedded systems we have is the free plagiarism checker. As part of our internal policies, we require that all products are passed through embedded, inbuilt plagiarism checkers to ascertain originality levels. Products that fail originality tests are usually returned for amendments. Our plagiarism checker free services have enabled us to remain top in the market with original papers. This means that we constantly keep in touch with leading plagiarism checker developers to ensure we have the latest, updated software and application programs. Part of our duty as service providers is to ensure we can offer plagiarism checker free services to create loyal and returning clients. For instance, students who receive our academic assistance have acknowledged that they are not only 100% original; but they possess unique originality that most students and tutors yearn for. Perhaps part of this success has been our ability to remain consistent while deriving value through active engagements with our clients. This means that our plagiarism checker free services are valuable and consistent with our values and interest as a company and as a platform.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

EmployAProfessor has the best free plagiarism checker in the market admired by most competitors and market rivals. At the very top of our website, there is an icon titled tools that host, among others, a free plagiarism checker. As a client, you can use the EmployAProfessor to automatically checker the originality levels of your paper(s). It is our solemn belief that the best free plagiarism checker by EmployAProfessor strengthensrelationships and engagements with our clients. As the world’s leading professional academic assistance platform, we embed free checking services as part of our aspirations to remain committed and accountable for the products we produce. Our success as a platform is due to our readiness and willingness to offer value while creating lasting feedback and relationships. The best free plagiarism checker enables us to judge and evaluate the quality of the writing and the overall score and rating of products. This we believe has been a major part of our success as a company.

The plagiarism checker at EmployAProfessor has a range of features and capabilities. First, all the end reported are provided accompanied by a similarity score; and this score allows students to know the level of plagiarism risk in their documents. Further, paraphrasing is an increasing way of plagiarism which means that papers must be cited as frequently as possible. A key feature of plagiarism checker is the fact that they acknowledge that citation is the standard approach to every paper. This means that a standard paper must meet various thresholds including an accurate formal citation of sources and documents. The credibility of a paper can further be assessed by the totality of sources and matches. This means that the originality and matching score helps to interpret the credibility levels and hence depict the author's ingenuity of creativity. As a result, it is crucial to note that the EmployAProfessor uses the most proficient and accurate, best plagiarism checker in the market. This way, we can keep in track with professionalism while embedding such a culture in our organization and routine dealings with clients. It is with great pleasure that we have managed to remain consistent while offering superior services that are consistent with our values.

How to Check Plagiarism

The EmployAProfessor was initiated with the sole aim of providing professional copies. It means that writers and students have capabilities to determine the similarity levels of their work. The first step of how to check plagiarism is to click the "check" my essay button and the engine checks the request. The student receives a plagiarism report which includes the percentage of uniqueness. Any copied expressions and words are automatically highlighted and sources with similar content ispresented. This process of checking plagiarism has enabled EmployAProfessor to remain steadfast while offering superior services that are tailored to individual needs. It is crucial to note that EmployAProfessor remains a top-notch site and an ideal platform to fully realize the potential of our academic services. For instance, students create documents for presentations and want to submit them to their educational institutions. It is a well-known fact that all documents in higher learning institutions are assessed for plagiarism and similarity to establish their credibility and authenticity. With this realization, we help students with how to check plagiarism in an easy-to-follow, and faster approach. As a result, it is our solemn belief that our plagiarism checker is uniquely-positioned for the needs of all students regardless of their institutional affiliations.

While the use of plagiarism checkers is often overlooked by scholars, it is quite essential to use plagiarism checker tools. Teachers and instructors are quick to check for quality before they check for errors and outstanding typo mistakes. Regardless of the reasons, it is advisable students check for plagiarism and originality before any significant submissions to the tutors. For instance, a paper with a plagiarism score of 50% can score as less as 20% as the final grade which translates to a fail. Similarly, a paper with a 40% plagiarism can fail due to the higher similarity levels. As a result, students must check for originality scores to ensure they know the repercussions for high plagiarism scores. One major reason students should check for plagiarism is to understand the nature of similarities between their works and published works. For instance, the published works contain specific inherent rights and copyrights which dictate that they are used only as referenced materials or citations. The copyright further demands that such works are not replicated, reused or copied for any purposes whatsoever. The work is used for educational purposes upon which all authors are recognized through formal citation.



Check Paper for Plagiarism (Free)

EmployAProfessor strives to offer top-quality papers that meet user requirements. These papers are original copies that reflect independent research and academic scrutiny conducted by our trained, seasoned and experienced writers and researchers. After any copy is written, it is within the responsibility of the quality assurance department to check the paper for plagiarism upon which clients are also given fully customized, and original copies and research. When experts check paper for plagiarism, they ensure that the completed works reflect the ingenuity of the author and that ideas are not replicated from other authors. This is the very essence of academic support work; to ensure that students navigate the learning process easier while avoiding the snares of academic work and its complexities. When you check the paper for plagiarism, you are aware of similarity levels and can make the necessary adjustments to deliver 100% original paper to the tutor or the instructor.

Most students who have checked the paper for plagiarism through our system and platform acknowledge that it has fostered stronger and more fulfilling relations. As a result, we strongly believe that we shall put the necessary efforts to improve our systems and programs while ensuring that we match up to client needs and expectations. EmployAProfessor is a unique platform that supports multiple capabilities, other than allowing students to check paper for plagiarism, it enables us to gain a better insight into our delivery and capabilities as a company. For instance, it is through plagiarism checkers that we can establish the innovation and creativity of a writer. Most importantly, the software programs further enable us to better understand client changing requirements and expectations. As a result, we believe that when you check paper for plagiarism, you shall extend us the opportunity to serve you by adjusting (s) to the paper.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Alternative

The Grammarly software has been praised as among the best Grammarly checkers around. They offer capabilities in terms of spellings, grammatical mistakes, structural, flow, and clarity. Unfortunately, Grammarly has less plagiarism checking capabilities as compared to alternatives that are fully programmed to handle and detect similarity scores. At EmployAProfessor, we offer alternatives to Grammarly checkers also called Grammarly plagiarism checker alternative software that is well-suited to the plagiarism needs of different clients and students. With the Grammarly plagiarism checker alternative, you are assured of a better, accurate and credible feedback about the similarity scores. This means you will access only authentic and credible similarity scores of your copies as opposed to dubious and misleading scores. It is crucial to point out that Grammarly plagiarism checker alternative is well-suited to changing needs and shifting demands. As a result, a client can be satisfied with a minimal 5% plagiarism scores and others will only want as minimal as 1% score. As a result, it is crucial to note that the ability of EmployAProfessor to remain consistent in the provision of a plagiarism checker and software that far outdoes Grammarly is a win for those who depend on us and for our esteemed team of writers and researchers.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Free online plagiarism checkers are designed to offer accurate and consistent similarity scores. This means that writers and researchers can access these platforms in the process gain an insight into what constitutes plagiarism. The free online plagiarism checkers are crucial since writers and researchers can cross-check their work against a wide range of databases. The software deters writers and researchers from plagiarising. Writers also gain the confidence that their work is original and up to mark. The free online plagiarism checkers enable writers and students to gain additional sources than they had previously utilized. The software highlights a list of potential sources the matching information may have been derived. Credible sources acknowledge that although a majority of scholars use internet search engines to look for materials, the plagiarism checkers can offer better value in terms of more sources like periodicals. The free online plagiarism checkers provide better capabilities in terms of originality, similarity scores, and highlighting of sources. This means writers can develop original and creative work by constantly relying on the feedback provided by the free online plagiarism checkers. Most importantly is that the checkers highlight online content that is relevant and exact. More precisely, you can see what words are verbatim depending on what the original author wrote. This assists the writer to avoid similar mistakes in the future by knowing exactly what to change when reading materials online.

The free online plagiarism checkers offered at EmployAProfessor are uniquely tailored to your needs. They offer clients the ability to check their similarity scores and this enables them to properly identify their paraphrasing abilities. More precisely as seen, the plagiarism checker shall highlight the materials that are the exact match of the author's words. This means that if the writer has not paraphrased properly, they shall know the similarity by the highlighted copy. Besides, most institutions have a specified plagiarism rate that is fully acceptable to them; and since a plagiarism checker offers a plagiarism score authors and writers can identify and conform to the acceptable percentages. Further, the free online plagiarism checkers are important as they offer one the confidence to know they have not plagiarised a paper. This implies that writers have the full confidence to know their work is original and not plagiarised. As a result, EmployAProfessor has remained committed to offering one of the most thorough and accurate plagiarism checkers. This means that students can fully understand the nature and context of the plagiarism and in the process make amendments and improvements to their paraphrasing approaches and styles. At EmployAProfessor, we offer algorithm-based plagiarism checkers that are uniquely-positioned for your individual needs. It has been our dream and aspirations to remain consistent with the changing needs of our esteemed clients; by updating the assets and resources that offer clients better value.

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Alternative

Our Turnitin plagiarism checker alternative is an algorithm based checker that is customized to identify the slightest forms of plagiarism while remaining true to the accuracy and credibility of the similarity scores. EmployAProfessor provides an alternative to Turnitin since most institutions rely on Turnitin which may not necessarily offer accurate similarity scores. For instance, a slight test on this plagiarism checker will reveal that it can offer contradictory feedback and results. As a result, alternative software must be available to offer students better and realistic outcomes about the nature and structure of their papers. It is our hope as the EmployAProfessor family that clients and students shall find a better value in our free plagiarism checker. The vision of the platform is to foster client relationships while offering products and values that commensurate to the effort(s) set by our systems and staff. The free online plagiarism checker is uniquely-positioned to your needs, and most importantly we believe that clients will constantly use the scores provided as a measure or a standard judgment of their paraphrasing skills. The EmployAProfessor, similar to other reputable academic assistance sites like Freelancer, UvoCorp, GeekmyHomeWork andAcemyHomeWork, is the leading in terms of plagiarism checkers. And this success is partly influenced by our ability to constantly invest in systems and software that supplement what we do on a routine basis.

The Turnitin plagiarism checker alternative is praised for its efficiency and functionality. For instance, a cross-sectional study of customer feedback at the initial start of this program was that it helped clients identify loopholes in their paper. One client we as far as to acknowledge that our plagiarism checker saved her from falling in a unit he had spent quite a lot of time and money. This means that if he submitted his final copy before using our plagiarism checker software, there were chances he would fail the paper. Upon checking with our plagiarism checkers, his project had a 67% plagiarism score which is quite high for all institutions of higher learning. We always encourage students to source the most accurate and standard plagiarism checkers and the ability to provide this program embedded in our site and integrated into our systems remains a plus to most of the services we offer routinely. The EmployAProfessor family is driven by value. We know that clients want the best in terms of originality and accuracy, and as a result, we have strived to offer value by working closely with industry leaders and developers to provide students a plagiarism tool that is uniquely-positioned to their needs.

Plagiarism Detector (Free)

Our free plagiarism detectors are usually bought in other sites. For instance, Turnitin charges a pretty high sum for a monthly or yearly subscription which means that potential clients must be ready and willing to part with a hundred bucks for a single subscription. At EmployAProfessor, we hope that a free online plagiarism detector shall offer better value in terms of cost and quality. Other than offering a free plagiarism detector, we ensure that the software is set to the latest standards; and part of doing this is by constantly reviewing the provisions and the algorithms embedded in the system and the changing needs of consumers. This way, we can measure the accuracy and credibility of our plagiarism checker and in the process gain better traction in terms of preventing any forms of plagiarism or similarities. EmployAProfessor policy is that writers and researchers must submit copies with the acceptable similarity or plagiarism scores and levels. This means that although our writers handle the plagiarism detection process on your behalf, we offer clients capabilities to check their plagiarism solely by the means of the plagiarism detector (free). Students must often tap into the available capabilities to avert any potential risk that may come with plagiarism including; failing, losing money and time because of having to re-sit a course or a unit they failed as a result of plagiarism.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

Most plagiarism checkers are embedded with a percentage checker and indicator. The indicator helps to portray the exact percentage of plagiarism scores. At EmployAProfessor, our free online plagiarism checker with percentage provides capabilities that enable students to identify the exact scores of their copies. The percentage scores provide a standard measure and act as a basis for further revision(s) and adjustments. Students must pay attention to the percentage scores to ensure they fall within acceptable limits. For instance, in our academic assistance firms and website, we believe that a standard plagiarism score of less than 10% is acceptable since most references and in-text citations can be accidentally quoted as plagiarised. As a result, it is our solemn belief that the free online plagiarism checker with percentage shall be part of the journey for quality and top-grade paper. This means it is within the responsibility of every student to use available software and programs to identify plagiarism scores and levels; this will help gain insight and valuable feedback on the status of your research.


Plagiarism has become a menace that is affecting people in various fields of academics. We at employ a professor understands this. We are also well aware of how plagiarism has not only been compared to outright cheating but also likened to straight out fraud when it comes to academic work touching on PhDs, masters and even undergraduate work. Employ a professor is in fact in full support of the fact that: cheating or any form of academic fraud should never be entertained. We seriously discourage any form of copying, stealing or even using other people work without their prior consent and labelling it your own. It is for this reason that we have a thorough plagiarism checker on the site. It is solely meant to help you check for any duplicate content in the work personally put together or ensure that the final draft you get after seeking assistance from our experienced academic writers is plagiarism free.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we are happy to announce that wehave been able to fully integrate a plagiarism checker tool onto our site.The next time you are looking to check paper for plagiarism (free)Count on this tool to establish its authenticity.  In the event this would be your first time using a plagiarism checker tool then below is an overview of what to expect.


What is a plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker simply refers to a software application that is specially designed to ensure that any written work meant for publication online is completely unique.

Just like any other you can expect this application or tool on employ a professor ensures the authenticity of your academic paper by highlighting any directly copied content that may be featured in the piece of writing that is meant for online publication. It is important to note that even though using the Plagiarism detector (free) we have on site might not always be necessary, there are times when it is by far the only way to determine beyond any reasonable doubt if the work meant for publication is entirely unique before it is published and accepted as your own online. While using our Free Online Plagiarism Checker with percentagewhich has already gained so much traction judging by the level of preference by users (content creators in this case). You can clearly see why using this tool on our site is the best option if you are looking to check paper for plagiarism (free).


Why makes our plagiarism checker so important?

Up until today, there has been a huge shift in the manner in which things are done. As a matter of fact, unlike in the past, it has become very important to protect intellectual property rights. We at employ a professor is giving you the opportunity to do just that. More specifically, as a freelancer looking to make use of our platform or employed by us, you now have the option to easily create and maintain original ownership for any content you create. The Best free Plagiarism Checker serves as a guarantee to help you maintain ownership of any content (already published online) that was created by you. This is what makes it very important to you or any other freelance content creator.

Because of the existence of the Best Free Plagiarism Checker on employ a professor, expect to rest easy as a content creator since it will guarantee you due recognition for all of your hard work. With the best Plagiarism detector (free) we have made available for you and any other freelancer or content creator expect to be able to immediately find out if any aspects of the content created by you is to be used by someone else without your express permission. Take for instance, in case you recently wrote an academic paper then by simply engaging our Plagiarism Checker free that’s available for use on the site you will be able to determine if someone else may have copied sections of your work without necessarily giving you or your publication platform (website or blog) due credit.



How to Check for duplicate content using our plagiarism checker tool  

From the above it is clearly evident that using our (employ a professor’s)Plagiarism detector (free) to check paper for plagiarism (free) will therefore save you the trouble of being falsely accused for copying any written work by another person. In most cases, when a student or any other freelancer composes any writing that is meant for publication, there is usually a tendency to inadvertently come up with a n alternative academic paper that closely resembles the work or a different writer.

In such a scenario is where our plagiarism checker comes in allowing you to run your academic paper through the Best Free Plagiarism Checker,reference is made to the first publication (in this case the original publication) and that is what is used to carry out close scrutiny and verification of the new paper. The best part about it all is the fact that, upon scrutiny of the new piece of writing, you (the author) would then be presented with the opportunity to rephrase any sections of their writing that closely resembles sections in the original work. This way, the possibility of any confusion with the original work or publication is totally ruled out.



What you should expect from the plagiarism Checker  

There are very many reasons why you should make it a habit to take advantage of the provisions of our plagiarism checker. In case, you have never used any plagiarism checker then here are some of the things you should expect when using the Plagiarism detector (free) now available on employ a professor.


First off, it is important to note that plagiarism tools vary, there are those which can be accessed and used for free, while there are those which require some form of payment in order to access crucial aspects of the plagiarism checker tool. Good news is, on employ a professor we have the Free Online Plagiarism Checker tools which will guarantee you access to tools you would need to fulfill the desired purpose hence there won’t be a need to shop for an alternative Plagiarism detector (free) online to authenticate your academic work.


In terms of quality assurance, in the event you are using the plagiarism checker for the first time then it is strongly advised that you take time and go through our previous user testimonials including any other feedback touching on the Plagiarism detector (free) we have made available on the site. Doing so is very important since it will give you an in-depth view of what several other users of the same tool think about its efficiency in as far as authenticating the quality of academic work is concerned.


Speaking of what you should expect from employ a professor’s plagiarism tool, below is an overview of some of the key features of the Plagiarism Checker free that makes it stand out. They include:


A. Ease of Access

Ease of access is by far one of the main features of what has grown to be considered the Best free Plagiarism Checker that is available on employ a professor. You can easily access the site and proceed to make use of the Plagiarism detector (free) without experiencing any complications. As a result, nothing will stop you from using the tool again and again in the future whenever you have any fresh academic content that needs authentication. Simply put, you can expect ease of access when making use of our plagiarism tool.


B. Number of alternative sources previously scanned

Our plagiarism checker once affected you will realize that it has carried out several checks. What this does is it helps improve the efficiency of the tool in checking any academic work in the process verifying and flagging out any duplicate content meant for publication. The more the number of sources that the tools scans the more effective it would be when you are using it. So expect the best in terms of quality check when using this tool.

C. Percentage of plagiarism detected

Our Free Online Plagiarism Checker with percentage tool also standsout from the rest for the mere fact that it provides alternative details. More specifically, our duplicate content tool is the Best free Plagiarism Checker bearing in mind it would be able to check 100% of the content subjected to scrutiny. This in turn serves as a guarantee that by the time you choose to publish your work online you won’t necessarily have to worry whatsoever about publishing any copied materials hence the reason you should embrace the use of our Plagiarism Checker free over any other.

D. Additional details from each plagiarism check

You will be happy to learn that the plagiarism checker will always provide you with additional details for the search or check that is carried out at any particular point or time. Such additional details are extremely important since they will offer more insights into the work that you might be aiming at publishing by highlighting sections or areas that you should look into or better yet review once more before finally proceeding to make your publication. Such details you will be happy to learn are also provided by employ a professors’ Free Online Plagiarism Checker with percentage.

E. Duration of free use

This mostly applies to Free Online Plagiarism Checker tools such as that we have made available on employ a professor. Unlike duplicate content checker tools that may only grant you access for a limited period, ours guarantee you unlimited access hence it has become considered the Best free Plagiarism Checker.

F. Need to download and install plagiarism tool

As far as running the plagiarism tool is concerned, when need arises you won’t have to worry about downloading and installing the application since you can easily access it directly on our platform employ a professor. We understand that it can be quite annoying for you as a user to constantly have to set up and run the application hence we have taken the initiative to set up the application for use in a manner that would save you the trouble. Upon receiving your academic work you can always check for its authenticity while still on the site.

At the same time, it is very important to understand that each and every person has their own preferences however, with our plagiarism checkeryou can rest easy knowing that everything right from accuracy down to ease of access and use have all been factored in making it one of the best tools to use to verify your academic work before finally uploading it online.



In addition to all of the above expectations, it is worth noting that since its inception onto employ a professor, the plagiarism tool has been really gaining traction turning into one of the most preferred tools to verify work by most content creators or academicians. In short, our plagiarism tool offers something unique hence its high preference for use and that should be a reason enough for you to try it out as well at every opportunity you get. Regardless of the academic certification you are working towards, take it upon yourself to embrace the use of the Plagiarism Checker free from now henceforth.


Bottom Line

In case you work as a content creator (freelance writer) for academicians or if you are an academic researcher, you should make always make it a priority to frequently use our plagiarism checker before exiting the site. From the above, it is clearly evident that in doing so, you will have greatly avoided the epidemic of plagiarism and duplication which is a huge concern to many content creators not just yourself. Simply put, using the best Plagiarism Checker free such as the one available on employ a professor, you should expect nothing short of being able to fight the plagiarism menace while also at the same time being able to create completely unique and quality content for publication onto your website or any other preferred publication platform.