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When you feel like there's someone who could do your paper better than you could, or simply have piles of other stuff to attend to, you can employ a professor to work for you. Follow these simple steps to place your order and a professor will be availed to you!

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I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted. I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted.

Thomas Tomlinson

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Custom Writing Professionals

Custom Writing.

Custom refers to the traditional way of doing things and refers to a widely accepted way of behaving. Custom writing refers to a widely accepted form of writing mainly offered outside class that enables the student to attain the relevant learning goals through assistance from outside or external tutors. Often, custom writing services are widely acceptable, enable students to realize their full potential and are uniquely tailored to their learning needs and goals. The custom writing services offered by Employ A Professor are professionally tailored to your needs. 

The platform has a series of features that guarantee clients the best quality papers. The present educational curriculum requires that students remain versed in changing course requirements and that they can meet the changing learning goals. The Employ A Professor platform offers quality dissertations and thesis courtesy of its top-mark features and provisions. Unemployed professors are at the reserve of the platform which means that Employ A Professor can tap into a wide pool of these unemployed professors to meet the changing needs of different fields. 

Employ A Professor recruits a wide range of professional writers with specialties in specific disciplines. An academic paper, dissertation and thesis request filed by a client is handled by an expert proficient in that particular field or domain. Part of our quality assurance processes targets the output offered by our unemployed professors. The work done usually undergoes two quality assessment benchmarks; the first is to verify the overall levels and Grammarly scores.The second is to pass the paper through plagiarism checkers to ensure that only original and plagiarism-free work is delivered to the clients.

Employ A Professor custom writing services cover different disciplines. Many essay writing companies are likely to turn down papers when they lack qualified personnel. For instance, it is quite common for dissertation companies to turn down requests for papers they believe that their experts cannot handle. The diverse custom writing offered by our site cover multiple disciplines. For instance, we offer graduate, high school and college essay help of any subject field and topic. Experts also handle case studies mostly aligned with social studies, business studies, psychology, and sociology. 

The disciplines further expand to cover lab reports of any kind and discipline including biology, chemistry, and physical sciences of any academic level. The custom writing we provide covers book and movie, literature review, proposals, abstracts, and annotated bibliography. Any part of a thesis or a dissertation can be covered by our unemployed professors and we have personnel competent in professional resumes and application essays. Employ A Professor also provides admission and scholarship essays, professional journal writing and business writing. It is important to note the ability to feature multiple capabilities has enabled us to remain unrivaled in serving a diverse line of clients.

Custom Essay Writing.

The Employ A Professor custom essay writing adheres to basic essay writing standards. The essay writing services provided address multiple aspects of the essay writing process including; introduction, argumentation, supporting evidence, and conclusion. When placing an order, Employ A Professor has established a simple process that all clients can follow:

(a) The client will have to provide us with all the details and materials of the work they order. This includes instructions and primary or secondary materials, or any supporting outside sources they would wish to be included in their works. All this information will be entered into an order form in our system and can directly be accessed by the assigned expert or professional.

(b) As the writing is in progress, it is often common for the writer or expert to contact the client for clarification purposes. Employ A Professor allows its unemployed professors direct communication with their respective clients as part of ensuring the ongoing clarification and clarity of the work done. 

(c) Once the project is completed, the client is notified to review the completed copy for approval purposes. Again, Employ A Professor has to check that the order is exactly as specified or ordered. Any variations may attract revisions and experts can be fined for deviating from what is requested.Employ A Professor custom essay writing also enters the final process. If during the review of the final copy the client realizes a mistake or raises an error, our channels are always open for free, unpaid revisions. However, the revision shall be examined by the quality assurance manager to ensure that it does not attract financial charges from the client. However, clients are often willing to pay for additional comments or adjustments, depending on the severity of the issue. It is crucial to establish that Employ A Professor has stepped up among the leading platforms. The ability to offer custom essay writing coupled with a strong commitment to customer feedback reflects our culture and collective values as a platform. It must be noted that there are key differences between Employ A Professor and other essay providers. For instance, like any other internet-based firm or company, the quality of service does differ. Of course, there are mediocre custom essay writing companies that do not have the necessary manpower and quality assurance capability. This means that Employ A Professor operates in a dynamic industry and hence the need to differentiate itself through quality, cutting-edge dissertations and thesis services. The capacity to offer innovative work is driven by our commitment to our values and our collective values as a people.

Custom Writing Services.

The custom writing services in our platform are quite different from others. For instance, we are committed to providing a custom written paper in every order we receive. The paper is written from scratch and our unemployed professors are required to write every paper implicitly as per the instructions. Papers that deviate from the laid down instructions are usually revisited or cancelled and new unemployed professors are assigned before the paper is submitted to the client. Another factor of our custom writing services is that every unemployed professor that we associate with is highly qualified in their area of proficiency. The clients are free to select the unemployed professor after seeing their qualifications. We provide open channels and networks for unemployed professors and clients and encourage free communication and conversations. A difference in our custom writing services is that communication is key. We value communication and therefore encourage customers and our unemployed professors to communicate frequently.Open channels for communication include chat boxes and clients are willing to convey information to the support staff if the unemployed professor is not available. The interconnected nature of our systems allows for a robust platform that allows communication and interactions. A key provision of our custom writing services is that a live agent is available 24/7. The agent is available to handle any issues or concerns that the clients may raise at the unemployed professors' absentia. Most importantly, Employ A Professor values and appreciates the clients' need for privacy and confidentiality. As a result, the client information is never shared by any third party. Our custom writing services are primarily underpinned by confidentiality and privacy which remain key guiding principles of our enterprise. All custom writing services undergo a built-in quality assurance process. This process enables the review of all papers before they are released to respective clients. It must be noted that the built-in quality review and assurance process has afforded better outcomes. The role of the quality assurance process is to ensure that all papers are original and that all instructions have been followed and adhered to. A core guiding principle of Employ A Professor is the ability to guarantee consumer satisfaction; which means that any issue raised is resolved immediately. The interconnected and crowdsourced nature of the platform enabled the unemployed professors to be contacted for issues previously addressed by other writers which guarantee faster and better outcomes. As a result, it is evident to see that our custom essay writing service has remained steadfast towards the provision of better services. This means that the ability to provide superior services underpins our mission and remains our guiding factor towards client satisfaction and improved outcomes.

Custom Essay Writing Service.

The business model of our custom essay writing service demands that we stay in business. This means that our business model has served thousands of clients and we are committed to increasing this foothold. Our custom essay writing service has always operated under the name Employ A Professor, why? Because we believe in the quality of our services and we are proud to have a team of highly proficient unemployed professors that deliver quality outcomes. We have stood the test of time in the essay writing industry through the provision of quality services that meet the client requirements. For instance, our ability to offer services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of consumers underpins our vision and mission as an essay channel and platform. There are key factors that define a standard custom essay writing service. First, the service must address all the client requirements which imply that it must meet all the instructions and guidelines. Secondly, a custom essay writing service must be tailored to the client's needs. This means that the dissertations and thesis must address the unique strengths and educational capacities of the student. Finally, the custom essay writing service must be original and written from scratch. This means that experts verify that all works submitted have passed our own inbuilt plagiarism tests. A key requirement for all custom essay writing service is to guarantee the highest level of privacy and anonymity. The need for anonymity arises because academic writing is confused about cheating. Most sources misconstrue the fact that college and university assignments require a great deal of research. To most students, meeting tight schedules means postponing important events. Employ A Professor's foremost value and core principle is the need for anonymity. The second most important feature of the custom essay writing service is a money-back guarantee. This means that the platform offers refunds to all the work done that does not meet the initial needs. All clients are entitled to a money-back guarantee if they show dissatisfaction for work done. This means that the quality assurance department often reviews and files for a money-back guarantee at the slightest proof of error in the completion. The custom essay writing service offered at our site has remained committed to the standard benchmarks of quality, accountability, and reliability. Part of doing this is by ensuring that we have a strong corporate culture that embeds these very values. Other websites offering custom writing services include: 

Online Custom Writing Services.

Before the advent of the internet, the student relied on traditional teaching and learning methods. Print textbooks, chalkboards, traditional libraries, and repositories were the main resources tapped for educational purposes. Presently, the emergence of the internet has created an interconnected web of materials and resources that provide enhanced teaching and learning capabilities. For instance, the role of artificial intelligence AI in educational fronts is mainly related to speech-recognition, planning and problem-solving. The online custom writing services offered at the Employ A Professor acknowledge that the internet has changed. As a result, students have access to online tutors and instructors who can offer third-party assistance and help. Our online custom writing services have been tailored to emerging tech trends. Emails, databases, computer networks, and similar systems afford an enhanced capability for learning. As a result, Employ A Professor sees the space as a platform to serve thousands of students who struggle with school and dissertations and thesis on a routine basis. It is crucial to note that our online custom writing services are tailored to solve this particular need. Most importantly, we believe that offering students higher levels of accountability, anonymity, privacy, and confidentiality will be crucial in this venture. It must be noted that our online custom writing services have grown to encompass further disciplines. For instance, we focus on health sciences that cover areas like nursing, medicine, paediatrics, and physiology. The platform has outsourced unemployed professors versed in healthcare and similar sciences to meet this particular gap. Similarly, the platform offers help in mathematics. The ability to contract experts skilled in mathematics has provided the platform with the necessary synergy to handle different types and models of assignments. Our unemployed professors cover areas like law, chemistry, environmental sciences, education, management, business studies and psychology. Most importantly, we have a specialty in dissertations and thesis. The platform has expanded its channels to recruit unemployed professors proficient in the a myriad of fields which means that clients seeking dissertation editing and writing assistance can contact the support staff for fast help. Environmental sciences is another area that our unemployed professors have proficiency. The environmental sciences mainly deal with the conservation of the natural habitats of animals and plants. Interested in the conservation of natural heritage? The environmental sciences are highly sought. Luckily, the Employ A Professor platform has managed to encompass experts and professionals versed in areas like environmental sciences.

Custom Writing Online.

Custom writing online means that there are services offered online that meet the needs of clients. Custom writing online services cover diverse areas of academia. This platform is mainly concerned with offering top-mark papers to struggling students. In efforts to meet tight deadlines, students are likely to submit substandard copies or unfinished work which attracts poor grades. In this realization, it is the commitment of Employ A Professor that custom writing online shall help thousands (and perhaps millions) of students globally who struggle to meet tight deadlines. There are key outstanding features of the custom-writing online services offered at Employ A Professor. For instance, we ensure that all dissertations and theses are original and that they conform to all the laid out instructions. As seen, any slight deviation attracts penalty and clients are warranted free revisions and adjustments after review by the quality assurance department. The custom writing online services are further embedded with in-built quality assurance. This means that all works submitted online undergo an assurance process that guarantees conformity to the laid out instruction. The custom writing online services are further embedded with time checkers. This means that time is a crucial provision and aspect of every assignment. The projects that fail to meet the deadline are either fined and clients are assured or refund and the work is immediately assigned. The custom writing online services offered at Employ A Professor have grown in leaps and bounds. The platform has remained receptive to information, as a result, some channels provide open channels for information sharing. For instance, the introduction of chat boxes, as well as direct communication channels, means that clients can convey information to respective unemployed professors. The ability to keep the channels of communication open has guaranteed better outcomes. It is vital to note that Employ A Professor remains a crucial pool for talented and skilled unemployed professors. Other than encompassing a strong system, the platform has assured better outcomes by improving its overall approach to its unemployed professors and their capabilities. It is crucial to note that different clients require different writing demands and needs. As a result, this means all different parties like the unemployed professors and clients must be set in an integrated system and interconnected community to help deliver different solutions to a range of queries. The ability of Employ A Professor to step forth as a trusted and credible dissertations and thesis provider and custom essay writing help and solution continues to marvel many and defend our position as the leading academic assistance platform in the industry. The custom writing online remains the number one solution for quality, efficient and reliable services, and these values outline its overall mission and vision.

Employ A Professor to Handle your Custom Writing.

Employ A Professor understands that recent shifts in education have provided for a more robust system. The emergence of digital technology afforded a more streamlined model of information exchange which would later give birth to platforms like electronic mail. The emergence of websites with both the front and the back end capabilities was another major transformation and revolution. Employ A Professor has strongly leveraged emerging technologies to help provide solutions to millions of students. Part of doing this is by ensuring that the platform and system captured by Employ A Professor are robust and sufficient to handle the high traffic of consumers. The first embedded feature on our platform is a strong and rigid, water-tight cybersecurity system that can easily identify attacks like sniffing, denial-of- service, and delayed-denial-of-service DDS, and spoofing. Capabilities in identity protection and identity theft have been embedded in the system. This research identifies that the ability to tap into technology, alongside changing roles and responsibility continues to define our vision and provide the site with better, enhanced capability to serve its clients. The custom writing services offered further have security features. This means that the client can use pseudonyms as a means of protection and clients are offered the full freedom to select their preferred model of privacy. It is in the best interest of clients to enjoy privacy and confidentiality in every process of this ordering and reception of completed copies. Employ A Professor has evolved to be a robust platform with immense ability to handle large volumes of work. In this realization, the platform has an in-built checking system that assures all works submitted conform to the said instructions. For instance, once clients fill in the order instructions, the submitted copy is counterchecked with the provided guidelines. Any slight deviations are checked and corrected before the paper is finally submitted to the client. Employ A Professor sees this feature as a differentiating capability that defines our efficiency. It is crucial to note that students require quality, top-grade work and doing this means answering their questions and issues in a manner that best fits the requirements. Most importantly, this means that we remain commited to the values of confidentiality and quality work. These are the same values that define our custom writing services. In efforts to ensure we can offer custom essay writing services in an efficient and timely manner, Employ A Professor has adopted the rubric provision as a key metric in all works. This means that our unemployed professors will be required to counter-check the marking rubric before the submission to ensure that every outline metric is met. The marking rubric provides a standard format that tutors use to mark and counter-check the provided copies. This means that as part of our policy, it would be a requirement for all unemployed professors to utilize the marking rubric as a standard measure of the completed jobs. Similarly, the quality assurance department plans to readjust its assessment framework. This will be done in efforts to fully ensure that different guidelines are in a position to meet and exceed client expectations and requirements. It is important to note that Employ A Professor is a trusted provider and the ability to remain steadfast in the provision of custom written assignments stems from the site’s commitment to a set of defining values and principles like; integrity, accountability, reliability, honesty, privacy, and confidentiality. We look forward to handling your next academic project to enable you to experience a taste of our custom writing services.


Custom writing service provision is by far the fastest rising sector in modern academia. This writing service was started by several professionals from different fields in academia with the sole intention of providing scholars and other academicians (struggling to complete their research work or assignments properly) with completely unique write upsWith every academic year that passes, students and other scholars continue to get assigned more academic work (which are characterised by more technical academic demands all of which call for extensive and comprehensive research). Good news is as a result of the relatively fast development of technology you can now take advantage of custom essay writing at a fee depending on your writing requirements.  


Custom writing has so far proven beyond all doubt to be the solution to many academic problems students face. As a matter of fact, by opting to take advantage of our custom essay writing service, you are guaranteed to in turn get lots of free time which you can then go ahead and use to attend to other equally important matters touching on your academics that may as well be of huge significance to you. As long as you have a challenging academic work which you feel you personally can’t get done by yourself then you should right away opt for custom academic writing services. Doing so is key to making sure that your academic work is properly done since our custom essay writing service has employed thoroughly vetted highly experienced and most importantly skilled writers all of whom have ready samples for the respective academic subjects’ assignments or research are drawn from.


Why you should take advantage of custom essay writing

Some of the reasons why you should seriously consider taking advantage of our online custom writing services include the fact that they guarantee:

A. High quality custom written work.

Having opted to take advantage of our custom essay writing service, you can expect to have well versed writers and editors work on your assignment. You will also benefit from an extremely effective quality control system comprising of unemployed professors with several years of experience writing. Besides the fact that each unemployed professor is extremely qualified, you as the client are also free to choose from a pool of these highly experienced unemployed professors as to who it is that you would like to have work on your writing order request of course after going through the various unemployed professors’ qualifications.

     b. Convenience in the handling of custom writing online.

First off, our custom writing service platform  operates through our website which has direct communication avenues with the unemployed professors. Another good thing is the fact that you are guaranteed a chance to place a writing order at any time of the day and to crown it all up, you will enjoy round the clock access to customer support. Our custom essay writing service team understands the fact that communication is key and as such they encourage clients to take full advantage of the available avenues of direct communication to communicate as frequently as possible. Keep in mind, nothing is off-limits as a live customer agent would always be within reach round the clock.

c. Affordability

You are also guaranteed fair pricing for access to expert writing assistance with offers starting from as low as $18 for every page.

In addition to all of the above, our custom writing service team understands the need for confidentiality hence your personal information provided when placing an order would never be disclosed to any other party. Also any issues raised in relation to the writing would immediately be addressed quickly.


An overview of the strict writing guidelines used to produce and deliver custom written pieces of work.

One of the things which has made our online custom writing services provision stand out is the fact that we continue to adhere to a strict set of writing guidelines/writing instructions. Simply put, each and every piece of writing that is produced and finally delivered to the client will always follow the same process outlined below:

Step 1: You (the client) will be required to provide details of the write up that you order. More specifically, it is important to specify exactly what the writing piece is supposed to entail e.g. the length, kind of research, writing format to be followed as well as citation requirements amongst other things. Keep in mind, in the process of providing for all of these, if you (the client)is looking to discuss any unique or better yet any complex features then the support team is always a quick chat away.

Step 2: In the course of the order being worked on, it is normal for the unemployed professor and the client to constantly seek clarification from each other. All this goes a long way in helping make sure that the writing process goes on smoothly and according to the laid out set of writing instructions.

Step 3 : Upon completion of the writing, the client is usually notified through email or any specified means after which you would be asked to review the draft before finally being expected to formally approve the write up. It is during this stage that you (the client) has the opportunity to ensure that the piece is as was ordered.

Step 4 : Lastly, during or after the final review, should you (the client) come across any problem, you would be expect to raised it and in turn it would be addressed. An unemployed professor would be tasked to revise the issues raised accordingly.

From the above, it is clearly evident that the sole objective of our custom essay writing service is to offer 100% customer satisfaction. This means all measures already put in place are solely aimed at helping the service provider achieve just that. 

Seasonal character of the custom writing services. 

It is important to note that the online custom writing services on offer are mostly oriented towards meeting the students’ needs but only through the academic year. Simply put, the season of active custom writing almost perfectly coincides with the academic year.  

       Factors that Influence Clients’ Choices. 

Reports indicate that the following are key factors impacting customer choices when looking to take advantage of a custom essay writing service, they include:

a. Overall pricing

b. Timely Delivery

c. Superlative quality of the final write ups coupled by associated services. 

Speaking of quality and pricing, it is worth mentioning that we as a custom writing service provider offer pieces of work drawn up by PHD holders for as low as $ 20.00 for every page while at the same time depending on the technicality and deadline of the custom written paper, we may charge way more. There are custom writing services that charge way less but we understand that those who seek our services are more interested in value other than price and thus we ensure the quality of the final academic paper our unemployed professors write is unparalleled. 

Below is a more in-depth overview of some of the factors that have been pointed out as key influencers of clients’ choices in regards to custom writing. They include:

a. Pricing

Custom writing online has continued to experience a variation in pricing. There are platforms that charge as low as $10 for every page while offering shoddy work. These platforms focus on price at the expense of quality with the aim of fleecing potential clients. 

The reason we remain the World’s Leading Professional Academic Assistance Providers is our unwavering commitment to provide superlative work for our clients. In regards to the quality of our work, we remain unrivaled.

b. Principles of Operation. 

Our Custom Writing Services are characterised by several features such as credit card processing, a grammar and a plagiarism checker. Another operational feature worth noting is the auto response  which in turn provides clients with prompt automated feedback in terms of paper-related notifications as well as new letters amongst other things upon having opted for custom writing services.

c. Regulations

Serving as a sub sector of today’s ecommerce industry, the custom writing online is largely regulated by several codes such as the BBB online which directly refer to Web based entrepreneurs. Simply put, as things stand now, there is the general feeling that the sector is poorly regulated but with tremendous potential and room for growth.

Services on offer courtesy of our custom writing service provision.

Our custom writing service at the moment offer a wide range of custom paper writing services. It is worth noting that these writing services are usually offered by teams of extremely proficient and experienced unemployed professors all of whom are able to draw up comprehensive content on practically any subject matter or topic.

Below is an overview of some of the online custom writing services presently being offered by our custom paper writing service platform. They include?

a. Academic assistance in drawing up write ups.

b. Creation of custom web content.

c. Creation of press releases.

d. Comprehensive proofreading and content editing services.


For academic assistance in drawing up write ups, the writing services on offer include:

i. Drafting of academic essays.

Unemployed professors are always on standby to write up and make corrections to academic papers which as the client you can use to make reference.

ii. Editing of custom papers.

Employ A Professor has trained teams of unemployed professors to thoroughly go through, point out and most importantly make edits or necessary changes to your academic work all in a bid to make it more polished.

iii. Research.

Our custom writing service  providers are also able to help you find reliable sources which you can use in the course of coming up with a final write up.

iiii. Comprehensive formatting.

Having opted to involve us as your custom writing service providers, you can expect the final work to feature properly cited sources as well as reference lists in the writing format laid out in the instructions.


In the creation of custom web content, the writing services on offer include:

i. The writing of articles of all types paying closest attention to details or the provided for writing instructions.

ii. The composition of texts most suitable for landing pages with the sole intention of attracting users to specific online based service providers.

iii. The creation of extremely effective letters for use in email marketing and other online based campaigns.

iiii. The writing of extremely appealing posts for blogs as well as overall management of social media accounts.

v. The creation of new letters aimed at reaching out to a specific audience.


In the creation of press releases, the writing services on offer include:

i. The creation of clear and extremely concise news articles.

ii. The highlighting of company features as well as advantages in corporate brochures.

iii. The creation of entertaining and informative presentations.

In the provision of comprehensive proofreading and content editing services, the writing services on offer include:

i. The editing and thorough proofreading of academic books as well as eBooks of various kinds.

ii. The proofreading and editing of term papers, dissertations and research papers.



Bottom Line

From the above, it is clearly evident that online custom writing services serve as a guide and a help to become a successful student able to master any academic discipline devoid of drudgery with utmost efficiency while working smart to make the most of your time rather than working hard.