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About us

We provide you the front seat to the most polished academic talent in the world to help you accomplish your educational goals. EmployAProfessor.com is your first stop if looking to unload the stress and burden associated with perfecting academic papers within tightly-set timeframes.

We guarantee our customers authentic, well-researched and timely-delivered papers backed by a 24/7 customer support team and highly-qualified writers.

As you may have already experienced, academic writing has its challenges. They may range from lexical difficulties, grammar and punctuation errors, plagiarism, text structure, to personal issues such as impending deadlines, mental exhaustion, thought block, inexperience, tight scheduling, conflicts among many others.

Students may also fail to understand how to write convincing introduction and conclusions or even how to coherently structure an argument.

Plagiarism, whether caused by ordering papers from sketchy service providers or by not writing ideas in your own words, is bound to plague your academic progress. Plagiarism of any work may have your reputation tainted or at the very least have you penalized by your professors.

You may also be overwhelmed by the many research sources available or even lack the proper research skills to help you scale highly in academic writing. It may be your first time writing a research proposal, dissertation or any other academic paper and thus it’s not uncommon to find the task daunting and stress-inducing leading you to seek professional academic assistance services to help lighten the workload.

We offer professional assistance in all types of academic writing whether it be descriptive, analytical, persuasive or critical. This means all papers from theses, dissertations, research proposals, essays, reports, case studies and so much more.

Our core values are centered around qualifications, quality, affability, and punctuality.

This can be seen in our team of expert writers who hold MAs, PhDs and other academic accolades in various disciplines to assure you of only high-quality papers at all times. They will provide you with subject-relevant and original masterpieces for guaranteed academic and work success. Our writers are passionate about the profession and are conversant with all the tricks used by professors.

Our writers employ best practices with regards to academic writing and only use industry-standard software to affirm the authenticity of papers. They can successfully tackle any difficulty or academic level of the paper in whichever timeframe you’re bound in.

As our clients can attest, we not only provide the best quality papers but also unmatched customer services. We have an open channel for the direct client to writer communications which ensures progress updates and more personalized end products.

EmployAProfessor.com also has a dedicated customer care team to ensure you have a pleasant experience using our platform. You can email, chat or even call us at your convenience, our team will be ready and glad to help.

You no longer have to deal with flashy and clunky websites as EmployAProfessor.com has been made intuitively to ensure you have easy onboarding and account management processes.

We also update our policies and ethos regularly to ensure that quality standards are upheld and that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Punctuality is also one of our greatest strengths, especially when we have all the paper requirements laid-out on the get-go.

EmployAProfessor.com also offers free complementary services such as a grammar and spelling checker and a plagiarism checker. Further, revisions are included and unlimited so that we can get you exactly what you need.

We define ourselves by results and to that end, we go above and beyond duty by providing step-by-step guides to proper research methods, citation styling, writing, proofreading, and editing your academic papers. Feel free to use our services in conjunction with on-campus advisories for even better academic results.

Lastly, we value your privacy and further guarantee to never disclose the data you provide to us to third parties. Our payment systems are safe and friendly to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now for original, high-quality and plagiarism-free academic papers from our large pool of qualified writers.