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Our Merits

How Does It Work?

When you feel like there's someone who could do your paper better than you could, or simply have piles of other stuff to attend to, you can employ a professor to work for you. Follow these simple steps to place your order and a professor will be availed to you!

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Don't Take Our Word For It.

I like the fact that you guys are very professional. It takes practically nothing to discredit such a great service!

Thomas Tomlinson

I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted. I'm convinced you guys are Godsent. For every project I've been working on, your hand has been a helpful one. Forever indebted.

Thomas Tomlinson

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Get professional help

Stressed out about your academic papers; thesis, dissertation proposals, essays, research proposals or reports? The world’s leading academic assistance service provider is here to help.

We specialize in writing original, well-researched, and timely academic papers that are tailored to meet the needs of all our clients. Attaining your post-graduate accolades doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling ordeal. Instead, allow us to get to work and help you put together top-quality academic papers.

A sure taste of success!

Our professional academic assistance service has helped thousands of masters, doctorate and undergraduate students to scale high in their academic undertakings all over the world.

We have perfected the art of academic writing over the years and our huge team of writers is trustworthy, dedicated, qualified in various fields of knowledge, and always ready to take on any challenge at any time.

Why Employ A Professor?

Why Employ A Professor?

24/7 Support

Our team of experts and customer experience professionals is always available around the clock to respond to any queries you might have. We are here for you.

100% Plagiarism-Free Papers

Our experienced writers and editors will only deliver original and plagiarism-free papers. We also use industry-standard software as the last step to ensure the papers are 100% original.

Quick Turnarounds

We write as fast as you need your papers, whether it’s in a few hours or days, we accommodate any deadline.

Qualified Pool of Professional Writers

Our specialists have advanced degrees in almost any discipline so you can be assured of the results being high-quality and relevant. From Economics, Literature, Law, Arts to the Sciences, we’ve got just the expert to assist you.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are regularly guided by our core objectives and values to meet your needs and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Safety and Confidentiality

Any information you share with us is confidential and never disclosed to third parties. Our payment systems are fully secure.

Professional Academic Assistance Service

Professional Academic Assistance Service

As a group of seasoned scholars, we know exactly how overwhelming it can be trying to balance work and personal life with tight deadlines, exams, and studying. We have the pertinent knowledge, years of writing experience, and passion to help you attain your academic goals hassle-free.

Our expert writers hold masters and doctorate degrees in 40+ subjects including Social Sciences, Accounting, Arts, Law, Economics, Computer Science, and Engineering among others.

If you’re struggling to write your term papers, coursework, dissertation or even an annotated bibliography, we will match you with an expert in your field of study for academic assistance. Our academic writers will deliver a properly-cited, well-researched, original piece written within academic standards as fast as you need it.

Our skilfully written custom academic papers also serve as a source of inspiration for you to hone your writing skills as well as a source of useful and factual data on your field of study. You will also learn how to write these seemingly complex academic writings and their formatting having sought our professional academic writing assistance services.

We also provide other services beyond writing such as academic counseling, tutoring, and guidance to ensure that you succeed in the classroom at all costs. Our professional academic assistance will not only help you gain academic competence but also give you the confidence to pursue your other passions.

Unlike institution-based support services, our high-quality professional services are more personal, practical and not limited to office hours or hefty fees. We gauge your strengths and guide you on ways to improve all while writing the academic papers with you. Even if you will not participate in the writing process, we will handle everything and deliver accordingly.

Professional Custom Essay Writing Service

Professional Custom Essay Writing Service

All academic programs incorporate essay writing as a way to help the lecturers assess their student’s aptitudes. This is all done without even considering that there are better ways to gauge students’ competencies. Therefore, it is not surprising that most instructors will dump loads of essay assignments onto their students without even considering the students’ capacity for handling them.

The pressure of completing modules within set academic calendars and other quotas to be met by the tutors is piled on the students with multiple essays from each unit. This overload necessitates professional custom essay writing services like ours to alleviate such struggles.

Ideally, the student should present their argument in a coherent manner and in line with the institution’s voluminous formatting style guides, all within short time frames.

The rigid time frames deny students ample time to prepare as well as a chance to showcase their writing skills. That’s where we come in; if you find yourself in such a conundrum then it’s prudent that you make an informed decision by reaching out to us for essay writing assistance.

Essays written by our able team allow the student to breeze through their academics. Our editors are proficient in English with a language acumen that is impeccable. They are also intellectuals in their field to ensure your essay is cohesive and veritable.

We handle all the intricate details such as formatting, topic selection, editing and referencing (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and others), so you can attend to your studies, work or other personal engagements. We cover all formats be it a narrative, descriptive, expository or persuasive essay, our writers will tailor it to your specifications.

We aim to alleviate all stresses associated with the essay writing and further, guarantee academic advancement thanks to our resourceful team of expert writers.

Furthermore, we guarantee all our clients; best prices, top writer and limitless revisions on each order. It’s natural for people to differ in views and opinions on the same issue, so we leave room for feedback on our drafts and take any adjustments towards the same in stride. Our systematic and strict writer-screening process also ensures that you will get the best writer working on your paper. Lastly, we rate our services competitively and according to industry standards to ensure the quality of work remains high and that our writers don’t feel short-changed.

With all these benefits in mind, make your order today for a professionally-done custom essay that is definite to advance your career and academics.

Professional Research Proposal Assistance

Professional Research Proposal Assistance

Do you know what makes up a winning research proposal or the difference between a thesis and a research proposal? Most students will mix up the two and end up scoring bad grades, however, you can skip the guesswork and hire our research proposal experts to help you out.

A research proposal is a highly-structured, complex piece of academic writing that precedes a project. The paper is required before proceeding with actual field research and it should detail your interest in pursuing a specific subject to its logical conclusion, your research approach, and the required budget to make it a triumph.

It’s also important to note that the research proposal is key to the application process. It showcases your aptitude for high academic level research presenting your ability to relay complex ideas in a clear, concise and critical manner. Thus, the more need to do it right in the first strike!

If you find yourself lacking in literary composition skills or are simply tied-up with work, personal life or other matters, then that’s where EmployAProfessor.com comes in. We take off the academic load and write professional research proposals for you.

Our Ph.D. level experts will engage and grab any reader’s attention and describe the paper’s key hypothesis in a fluid and captivating manner. The research questions will be well elaborated to guide the main goal of the research while the plan of work or time schedules will be provided and adhered to as needed.

Lastly, a superb research proposal is backed by prime and secondary references, to that end, our writers will overview the best literature and other sources to guide the research.

Our adept writers will also provide you with proofread pieces, statistical reports, lab reports, calculations, PowerPoint presentations, and any other assistance you may require for a thorough research proposal. We are qualified to handle any research paper at any academic level whether it’s an undergraduate proposal, Ph.D. proposal or even a business research proposal.

Professional Thesis Writing Assistance

Professional Thesis Writing Assistance

Writing your undergraduate or Master’s degree thesis requires sleepless nights, concentration, and lots of energy to complete at an exceptional level. If you have no time to see it to fruition or maybe the deadlines are fast approaching then it will most likely be to your benefit to reach out to professional thesis writers for assistance.

EmployAProfessor.com leads in providing professional thesis writing assistance to the expediency of our clients.

We understand that a well-drafted thesis will be key to propitiously finalizing your degree program and also that it can be deeply problematic for students attempting it for the first time. Therefore, leave it to us to deliver compelling, timely-delivered and custom theses for assured higher grades.

When we talk of “thesis”, the primary focus is usually on two things; the thesis statement and the thesis proposal. The thesis statement is an embodiment of all your arguments and ideas, so it must be precise, well-executed and as short as three sentences. The proposal features the main argument which the student is to defend. Both components of the paper are integral for a student to pass the course.

It can be challenging to sum up your paper in a few sentences and even meeting the 40 to 80-page length requirements can seem to be an uphill task. Thus, we apply a collaborative approach to ensure your thesis statement is powerful by tutoring and writing with you every step of the way.

Our professional thesis writers have dedicated their lives to academia and more so, to help students of all higher learning levels. They will develop concise, clear, well-researched, and captivating theses that adhere to your instructions to the letter.

We also advise our students to pick topics that are suitable and interesting to their field for a more custom package. Our editors will pitch interesting topics that you can take up and follow up with the proposal writing, data collection, data analysis, drafting, revisions up to the final document.

EmployAProfessor.com is your #1 stop for superior academic assistance, we are qualified and experienced in writing theses on any topic regardless of its complexity. Whether you just need a professionally written thesis statement or the whole works, our writers are ready to do your bidding.

We also offer editing, revision, and proofreading services so you can submit a polished, fact-checked thesis.

The ordering process on our website is easy, fast and painless with only four main steps to go through; placing the order, selecting a writer, tracking the progress and delivery of final thesis paper. So, what are you waiting for? Order your custom thesis paper from our trusted professional thesis writers today!

Professional Dissertation Writing Assistance

Professional Dissertation Writing Assistance

Attaining a Ph.D. or professional degree is no mean feat and the more reason to write a well-crafted, winning dissertation. It takes years to learn a subject, research and organize the paper in a meaningful manner.

You may find yourself finding it hard to create a draft, come up with a proposal, pen the literature review or even distinguish between an essay and a dissertation. Luckily, we can help solve your problem with our dissertation writing assistance services.

While essays and dissertations might seem alike, the latter is all about the process rather than the final product. It comprises of introductory parts like the abstract, introduction, and personal statements and spans out to the methodology, conclusion, discussion, appendices, and sources sections. Overwhelming, right? No need to worry as our experts will take care of everything.

They will help you write, edit or proofread your paper so you can ace your doctoral program and have spare time to do other things. The success rate of our custom dissertations being approved by committees is upwards of 90%.

Since developing a dissertation is no sprint, writers at EmployAProfessor.com will send you drafts after each chapter for your review and feedback. After all, dissertations follow a standard process that can’t be hastened or skipped, for instance, the collection of literature for review comes after the formulation of research questions and study purpose.

A dissertation paper will require months to complete under normal conditions, however, we can fast track the process as needed so you don’t miss any deadlines.

We pay close attention to the smallest of details and employ our vast knowledge in various fields of study to ensure the best results. A large number of our clients have gone on to secure coveted post-doctoral positions and tenured employment at leading American and British research universities.

We offer 24/7 professor-client consults, ideation and updates sessions to ensure the dissertation is as custom as possible. Also, our professional writers have published in peer-reviewed journals and publications as well as completed their dissertations. They are also experienced in a wide array of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to ensure extensive and original research.

During the onboarding and hiring stages, EmployAProfessor.com ensures that our experts are:

  • Native English speakers.
  • Experienced in offering dissertation writing assistance.
  • Masters or doctorate holders.
  • Dedicated to their areas of discipline.

Our unique screening process ensures that we have specialists with unrestrained enthusiasm ready to deliver a sublime quality of work. Whether it’s an empirical or non-empirical dissertation on whichever top or issue, we have the right expert to take it on.

Reliable Professional Custom Paper Writing Assistance

Reliable Professional Custom Paper Writing Assistance

We pride ourselves in delivering custom, artfully-crafted and 100% original papers; a practice that we have upheld over the years without fail. EmployAProfessor.com is the world’s leading service provider for refined authentic custom papers.

To ensure we provide you with timeless, personalized pieces, our experts follow a couple of policies and procedures. Our services integrate the leading writing technologies, innovative research approaches, and the knowledge of professionals it works with.

The ordering process is forthright and entails key areas as follows:

  • The order form helps you to specify the type of papers you require, the number of pages needed, the expected deadline, the format/citation style, and any other complex specifications.
  • Once you hit the submit button on your order, we will contact you to ensure everything is well-understood then proceed to pick a suitable writer for the job. You may also pick from your favorite experts, if necessary.
  • Then we invoice you for payment of the order, which can be made using popular payment methods through our secure payment platforms.
  • Your writer then embarks on the research and writing process while constantly engaging with you for clarifications and updates.
  • When the draft has been edited, re-edited and proofread, we notify the client to review for final approval. If there’s an issue in the draft, our team revises it accordingly and the order is fulfilled.

We go the extra mile to ensure all our clients are satisfied and that all orders are fulfilled on time without any compromises on quality.

Aside from our high levels of customer satisfaction and high-quality academic papers, our services are priced at competitive rates. Our bidding system and rating system ensure that the client is in control of the price and in some cases the choice of expert to handle the assignment.

There’s no order too small or too complex for us to handle. Whether it’s a quick short paragraph essay, admission essay, application-related paper, case study paper, scholarship essay, term paper or any other custom requests you may have. EmployAProfessor.com is the most reliable professional custom paper writing assistance.

Some students remain hesitant to use online academic writing assistance services and for good reasons. The biggest concerns that they have includes the legitimacy of said online companies as well as whether the essays will be acceptable to their institutions.

At EmployAProfessor.com, we ensure that our essays are well within academic guidelines and standards. Additionally, our loyal customers can attest to the reliability and quality of work as is evidenced by the many positive reviews and testimonies online.

While it might be easy to fall for dodgy custom paper writing companies; the kind that invests heavily on user interfaces and graphics without delivering quality work. Particularly with the upsurge of numerous academic writing sites, we recommend that you carry out your due diligence before ordering in your papers.

Our company focuses on delivering superior works with equally high-level support systems, platform, and secure payment methods. Our fees are also straightforward and all-inclusive so you won’t get any surprises after the work has been done.

Professional Group Project Writing Assistance

Professional Group Project Writing Assistance

Aside from the gruelling capstone projects, research papers and dissertation paper development, group projects can also be very exhausting to accomplish. Sadly, at some point in your career or academic journey you are likely to participate in group writing, whether it’s a collaborative grant proposal or research paper or an undergraduate group project.

While group work may bring onboard fresher ideas and energy, it mostly demands cooperation, many meetups and observance of tough deadlines. It’s common to find out that the bulk of the work is left to one or two group members yet it affects everyone’s grade.

The differences in opinions and writing styles among the members can prolong the project and make it even more stressful. You may also lack the time, experience or be too apathetic to pursue group project writing to completion.

Sure, group project writing can help you to increase your overall productivity and performance, develop skills as well as help you know more about yourself, but it can always get easier, right?

Fortunately, EmployAProfessor.com provides a solution to this by availing a platform and ready workforce to group members where they can ‘crowdfund’ towards the completion of a project by professionals.

Our professional group project writing assistance service delivers top-quality work so you can improve your teamwork skills and organization skills at your pace without unnecessary pressure. Our professional editors will take care of everything; the research, writing, formatting and citing.